4R Adds Planning-as-a-Service to the AI-powered Supply Chain Management and Inventory Optimization Platform

4R, pioneer in supply chain and inventory management technology, launches Planning-as-a-Service (PaaS) to help companies operate durable supply chains that drive growth.


4R, the innovator in AI-powered supply chain management and inventory optimization platforms adds supply chain Planning-as-a-Service (PaaS) to its portfolio of offerings. 4R Planning-as-a-Service is a multi-dimensional outsourced service model that transforms supply chains to drive growth and profitability. The service model combines best-in-class tools, experienced analysts for better decision-making and expert planners who manage all functions of the supply chains— from demand, replenishment and allocation planning to assortment and markdown optimization. 4R PaaS clients can expect a fast track to cost savings, while improving capital efficiency and increasing revenue growth.

The retail sector needs supply chain optimization now more than ever to improve working capital, minimize risks and stay ahead of the competition. The supply chains of pre-pandemic days are over due to the continuous series of unprecedented challenges and ever-shifting customer expectations. Compounding these challenges is the lack of knowledgeable and skilled supply chain talent. 4R PaaS is for companies with complex supply chains, but lack the right structure, talent or technology needed to respond to current and future challenges.

Outsourcing can bring significant benefits to most businesses. Outsourcing can help reduce costs, gain operational efficiencies, expand capabilities and fill skill gaps in many functions. As supply chain management and inventory planning functions grow in importance, they have become ideal business functions that can benefit from an “as-a-service” option.

Retailers are scrambling to improve their supply chain capabilities and talent pool (analysts, operations and demand planners). The 4R PaaS option builds a company’s supply chain operational capabilities by aligning skilled business intelligence, analytical, planning and operations talent with your specific supply chain and inventory optimization requirements.

Mark Garland, President and CEO at 4R, said, “With Planning-as-a-Service, 4R is now a one-stop-shop for supply chain planning services. The 4R AI-powered automation tools connect data across the supply chain and give operations and planners increased visibility. Our 4R PaaS option puts highly skilled professionals into the supply chain functions and delivers 
a blend of strategy, process and technology expertise. Additionally, we retain and manage the talent to enable sustainability and continuity of services levels and supply chain planning metrics.”

In a recent webinar, 4R, with Retail TouchPoints, presented PaaS as an alternative to engaging in the war for supply chain planning talent. We invite retailers that are struggling to build their supply chain capabilities or lack sufficient internal talent to watch. To learn more about 4R and the suite of Intelligent Inventory Optimization solutions and services, visit: 4r.ai.