Replenishment Planning

Enable multi-echelon inventory management that is guaranteed to maximize profit across all channels, reduce inventory carrying cost and deliver superior customer service.

replenishment planning

Maximize the profit potential of your inventory investment and deliver superior customer experiences.

4R algorithms constantly analyze and learn from customer behavior to create a reliable forecast down to the sku-store level. Activate a sophisticated platform, specific to each sku-store, by pairing this solution with your supply chain settings.

Increase sales by 12%
Reduce inventory carrying costs by 6%
Reduce stock-outs
by 14%

Maximize availability and minimize cost with profit-optimized inventory replenishment.

Efficient Peak-demand Planning

Pre-position inventory ahead of peak demand without exceeding the capability of both distribution centers (DC) and stores

Effective Promotion Planning

Position inventory in anticipation of future demand and inventory display needs

Multi-Strategy Simulation

Simulate and analyze the potential impact of inventory decisions through what-if scenarios, including different investment targets, supply chain parameters, open-to-buy constraints, and presentation requirements

Tailor to Operating Model

Replenish stores, fulfillment centers, hub-stores, and DCs with the right amount of inventory at the right time in anticipation of omni-channel demand

Product Shelf-life & End-of-life Management

Manage inventory levels dynamically, considering products with limited life and potential expiration or obsolescence costs

Phantom Inventory Detection

Systematically identify large discrepancies between actual and expected sales levels, directing the staff to investigate and correct inventory issues to increase profits and minimize lost sales

Direct Reserve

Protect DC inventory from being drained by store orders and keep inventory where it has a greater potential to generate profit

Vendor Order Forecasts

Share long-range order forecasts with vendors, resulting in higher fill rates and shorter lead times for your locations

Omni-channel Demand and Multi-Echelon Replenishment

Consider all sources of demand on the DC, to understand demand and inventory positions throughout the customer supply chain

Learn more about 4R Replenishment Planning, part of the Intelligent Inventory Optimization suite of solutions.

Achieve the most profitable inventory level.

RiGHT Inventory, Right Time

Leverage AI-powered forecasting and replenish stores, Fulfillment Centers and Distribution Centers with the right amount of inventory at the right time

Automate replenishment with accuracy

Remove guesswork and manual intervention from your work flow by using 4R’s optimized inventory solution. Prescribed inventory levels are fine-tuned for each item and location, daily or weekly, using accurate machine learning-based forecasting

HIgher Fulfillment rates & SHorter Lead Times

Generate long range order forecasts with vendors for visibility to future needs. Leverage the forecast to plan personnel schedule around higher or lower demand periods, resulting in higher fulfillment rates and shorter lead times for DCs

True Multi-Echelon Replenishment

Understand demand and inventory positions throughout the customer supply chain to enhance the customer experience and increase sales

Reduce overall fulfillment costs

Smartly position the right amount of inventory to the right place at the right time, improving supply chain efficiency and reducing shipping costs

See how 4R Replenishment Planning can help you achieve the most profitable inventory level and deliver superior customer experiences.