Our Commitment to Your Success

Our expert team provides programs tailored to meet the goals of improving your top-line growth while gaining efficiencies in inventory management and related operational challenges.

We Support Your Journey

The Customer Success Team provides a wide range of services to assist you in your journey- from the earliest touch-points of onboarding, through initial deployment, to full rollout and optimization of the 4R Supply Chain Management & Analytics Platform and Solution. In our quest for customer success, clients can expect quarterly business reviews, recommended best practices, and ROI optimization workshops throughout their journey with us.

the customer journey

Hear from our customers – why 4R is critical to their organization’s success. 

Pilot Company

“We look to optimize inventory across the board. The 4R solution, with robust insights and data, has enabled us to drive sales and make it easier for our team members to provide the items our guests need while on the road.”

– Brian Ferguson, Chief Merchant

“4R is much more like a service. We have weekly calls with 4R, which is a huge asset. It is great to have top partners always thinking ahead. The gains we realized were huge and exactly what 4R predicted, based on the tactical and actionable recommendations.”

– Eric Kang, VP, Supply Chain

aubuchon hardware

“What set 4R heads and shoulders
above other companies were the human intervention and the weekly calls. It let us know that we’re not just getting a product, we’re getting a service.”

Jared Brown, Senior Analyst

Family Dollar

“The 4R profit optimized store inventory service has improved our ability to maintain inventory levels that satisfy customer needs better and more profitably.”

Chad Clayton, VP, Inventory Management

The Vitamin Shoppe

“When we implemented 4R, we quickly saw 4R’s models set inventory levels that made more sense and performed better. That allowed us to free up people and refocus them on working with vendors to drive better vendor service levels and lead-times.”

– Tony Truesdale, CEO

Crate & Barrel

“One of the surprising and significant results has been increased selling confidence among store associates. They have more confidence that registry items will be in-stock. It’s helped with the customer experience.”

Ed Rennemann, CIO, VP of MIS

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