Keep your “convenience” promise and stay competitive

Customers expect a quick buying experience; they get what they need and go on their way. 4R helps convenience retailers optimize store-specific inventory and localized product mix to meet the customer expectations and keep them from going to the competition.

4R clients have achieved real business results by improving their forecasting and replenishment, localizing inventory allocation based on local demand trends and buying conditions, and creating efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

Real business results:

Increase sales by 6%
Increase annual profit forecasts by more than $5M during the initial year
Reduce inventory investment by 15%

Maximize the selling potential of convenience items at every location.

The 4R suite of Intelligent Inventory Optimization solutions helps convenience retailers manage inventory as an investment. We focus on the high-value processes for optimizing supply chain and inventory management, in these core functions: Demand Planning, Replenishment, Assortment, Allocation, Markdown and Vendor Orders. Our profit-optimized solutions take full advantage of advanced analytics, which leverage these improved predictions and promise to deliver a profit optimal improvement across your supply chain and merchandising decisions.

The 4R experts who built the best-in-class AI-powered solutions provide planning as a service (PaaS) to maximize overall business efficiency and ROI.

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Demand Planning

Machine Learning-based forecasting solution identifies true demand that generates more accurate forecasts, driving more accurate upstream and downstream processes that maximize profitability and supply chain efficiency.

Replenishment Planning

Enable multi-echelon inventory management that is guaranteed to maximize profit across all channels, reduce inventory carrying costs and deliver superior customer service.

Allocation Planning

Allocates the right amount of inventory to the most profitable locations at the right time to maximize in-season sales, minimize stranded end-of-season inventory and reduce the need for future markdowns.

Assortment Optimization

Optimize product offerings at each store to meet customer preferences and drive revenue growth through data-driven insights, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Vendor Order Optimization

Manage vendor orders seamlessly and easily to increase buyer productivity, reduce excess inventory and improve supply chain efficiency for maximum profit.

Supply Chain PaaS (Planning as a Service)

Establish a true supply chain planning capability by leveraging best-in-class AI-powered tools and industry-leading expertise who provide strategic planning and execution services to help you create a profit-optimized supply chain ecosystem.

Convenience retailing has some different and subtle needs that require experts who understand and can manage the supply chain and inventory nuances.

The 4R team of supply chain and inventory planning experts understands the nuances associated with the convenience retailing industry, including localized demand trends that drive assortment and allocation planning, as well as fresh and QSR product lines that drive demand and replenishment planning.

A Better Way to Manage Perishable Inventory – QSR & Fresh Food Planner

Reduce waste and loss in perishable inventory and support store associates with accurate forecasts to optimize the fresh food preparation process

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Connecting Nuances of Convenience

Watch to learn about the considerations and factors required for accurately forecasting and optimizing the inventory of fresh, prepared foods and for QSR (Quick Service Restaurants).

Optimizing Inventory During Unique Supply Chain Challenges: A client Perspective (Pilot Flying J)

This webinar and panel discussion covered how differences in clientele, natural disasters, labor shortages, and other factors that impact convenience retailers and the imperatives for mitigating risks and optimizing inventory to grow the business. Allie Fleming, Senior Manager of Merchandising Financial Planning and Analysis and Taylor Campbell, Merchandising Inventory Analyst at Pilot Flying J (PFJ), a convenience store chain, answered questions on their perspectives on supply chain and inventory management.

Connecting Inventory Optimization and Store Operations to Drive Sales

Mark Garland, 4R CEO and Pablo Godoy, Frogmi CEO discuss how to sync corporate inventory optimization strategies and store operations that improve staff productivity and create positive customer experiences. Inventory optimization solutions can be used to identify Phantom Inventory – inventory errors – and send the information to the stores, as tasks for store employees to resolve the issues.

See how 4R can helps convenience retailers manage inventory as an investment and optimally match products, including QSRs, with local demand trends.