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4R Video
4R has been at the forefront of supply chain planning for decades. This video explains the business problems we solve...
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Watch:  4R Introduces Vendor Order Optimization
Posted by SupplyChainBrain on Sept 29, 2022 Retail buyers are a key part of the retail supply chain, and...
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Make Connection Series
Connecting Nuances of Convenience Retailing
We prepared a series of "Making the Connection" presentations for NRF 2022. In this video-on-demand, Nina Chiavaroli, Director of Customer...
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Connecting Supply Chain Decisions
Connecting Decision Making
Director of Analytics, James VanDusen, brings nearly 20 years of inventory optimization analytics in the retail industry to this educational...
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Thriving in Retail with Assortment Optimization
To thrive in retail, businesses must optimize product offerings at each store to meet customer preferences and drive revenue growth...
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Your Roadmap to Profit Maximization
Gaining valuable insights requires the most advanced suite of inventory optimization solutions, designed from the ground up to maximize the...
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aubuchon hardware
Client Interview with Aubuchon Hardware
4R Systems President & CEO, Mark Garland, sat down with Jared Brown, the Senior Analyst at Aubuchon Hardware. Mark asked...
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Watch 4R, industry experts, and clients for important industry takeaways, trends, and tips.