Assortment Optimization

Drive customer satisfaction by optimizing product offerings at each store to meet customer preferences and drive revenue growth through data-driven insights.

assortment optimization

Maximize profit with localized, customer-centric assortments

Accommodate unique business requirements leveraging cutting-edge attribute-based forecasts; an agile, continuous improvement methodology; and flexible customization.

Increase profit by 6%
Increase sales by 30%
Improve customer satisfaction

A better customer experience while delivering increased profits

White Space Recommendation

Pinpoint growth opportunities by uncovering correlations between product attributes and demand, identifying substitution patterns, and predicting trends for each item at every location, even for new products

Cluster Optimization

Utilize analytical models that maximize profitability in unique clusters of stores while adhering to operational requirements

Localization analyzer that shows the benefits of multiple assortments versus one-size-fits-all assortment across stores

Variety Optimization Engine

Transform the laborious task of studying and optimizing variety patterns (e.g., size, color) and managing detailed distributions with an automated process that identifies variety needs for each individual store

Flexible Customizations

Tailor-fit capabilities to accommodate and adhere to business rules, including budgets, space constraints, product lifecycles, and other operational requirements

Customizable Business Rules

Accommodate custom markdown rules that fit your pricing strategy, such as maximum or minimum markdown percentages, increments, and markdown frequency constraints

Localized Assortment

Recommend profit-optimized product mix for each location capturing local preferences and trends, driving satisfaction and loyalty with customers

Webinar Replay: Why Your Assortment Isn’t Returning Maximum ROI

maintain a competitive mix and Grow Loyalty

Achieve the right balance of assortment profitability, selection, and inventory of traffic-driving items for your valued customers and produce the best sales result for each location

Drive Revenue Growth

Generate additional margin based on intelligent recommendations for adding, dropping, and retaining products


Leverage a next-generation optimization engine that captures localized customer demand patterns

Enhance customer satisfaction

Turn your brand into the Number 1 go-to place by identifying and delivering against expectations for your valued customers


Ensure assortment decisions are always performing at their best and simulate alternative assortment strategies, performance monitoring and measurement tracking with a complete and efficient workflow for modeling and rollout management

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