Vendor Order Optimization

Manage vendor orders seamlessly and easily to increase buyer productivity, reduce excess inventory and improve supply chain efficiency for maximum profit.

4R President and CEO introduces Vendor Order Optimization

Simply powerful. Simply profitable.

Powered by machine-learning, predictive analytics and a holistic view of the inventory needs, 4R Vendor Order Optimization helps buyers make better decisions about orders that are ready for processing by their purchase order systems.

Reduce excess inventory
Increase buyer productivity
Improve supply chain efficiency

Optimize vendor orders for maximum profit.

When used with 4R’s Demand Planning and Store/DC Replenishment services, Vendor Order Optimization provides seamless inventory management at all levels of your supply chain. By leveraging visibility of future demand and profit-optimal inventory levels, 4R’s solution provides fully integrated multi-echelon profit optimization.

Automated Buying Tasks

Recognize order needs, and adjust orders automatically based on business rules, order constraint overrides, and upcoming promotions

Streamline Workflows

Automate the process to manage vendors, locations and SKU groups, and assignments to individual buyers within the organization

Buyer Control

Enable buyers to review and modify orders in their respective areas to prepare for or react to changing situations and business constraints

Future Order Visibility

Gain visibility into future orders that will help you manage the vendor relationship

AI-powered vendor orders in action

Watch the Vendor Order Optimization demo

Learn more about Vendor Order Optimization, part of the Intelligent Inventory Optimization suite of solutions.

profit-optimized ORDERS

Leverage profit-optimal inventory requirements to accurately project ordering needs and optimize daily purchase orders. Orders are automatically re-optimized when new information is available.

Multi-tier supply chain support

Optimize orders between vendor to DC, vendor to store and any other supply chain structures

HIgh-impact orders

Identify and manage high-impact purchase orders by prioritizing based on waitloss, in-stocks, total order value, or other indicators.

ImProved Buyer Control

Consolidate supply chain data in a single place for better decision support and management of the order generation process. Provide order group summaries for buyers and/or vendors. Allow for modifications to vendor order constraints, supply chain characteristics, and individual SKU order quantities.

Streamlined Buyer Management

Streamline the workflow of internal buyer management with visibility to gap and overlap analysis where vendor and locations are not explicitly assigned

Learn more about Vendor Order Optimization.