Allocation Planning

Realize opportunity by allocating the right amount of inventory to the most important locations at the right time to maximize in-season sales, minimize stranded end-of-season inventory and reduce the need for future markdowns.

allocation planning

Maximize the selling potential of seasonal buys

Optimize initial and in-season allocation decisions in anticipation of omni-channel fulfillment.  4R combines innovative predictive analytics, advanced optimization algorithms, and effective collaboration with planners.

Increase sales by 6%
Realize ROI by 3%
Increase sell-through by 20%

Maximize revenue of seasonal assortments with intelligent forecasting and sophisticated allocation management

AI-Powered Forecasting

Quickly adapt to changing conditions and geographies over the course of the season to maximize sales

Robust Read & React Prediction Engine

Blend initial season forecast with most recent sales (in season) to accurately capture trend and localized demand, minimizing stranded inventory at the stores

Optimal Inventory Placement

Determine the optimal placement of inventory with highest profitability for each and every sku-location, taking into account current stock, climate/weather trends, inbound orders and future requirements

Complete Seasonal Item Lifecycle Management

Seamlessly integrate pre-season orders with initial allocation; automatically recommends in-season allocations, targeted end-of-season inventory, and optimized markdowns

Expert Planner Collaboration

Calculate accurate seasonal profiles used to generate allocations, manage exceptions, and make real time adjustments, leveraging expert planners at 4R

Early Warning System

Detect mismatches between expected and actual performance, driving proactive decisions and avoiding stock-outs or excessive inventory via the exception alerting functionality

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Increase Profits Through dynamic profit-optimized allocation

Make intelligent decisions over the course of the season, balancing lost sales and potential overstock inventory while reducing early stockout risks at DCs and stranded inventory risks at stores 

Maximize season sell-through

Forecast at the most granular level, integrated with markdown optimization to explore the impact of different markdowns and timing strategies to achieve highest potential sell-through 

IMPROVE Workforce Productivity

Shift planners time from allocation to higher-value activities like exception management and strategic planning

Improve profitability and minimize costs

Align distribution decisions with local demand and identify the optimal amount of inventory to hold back at the DC to minimize fulfillment costs


Define and configure seasons, customize the demand profile for each SKU, manage initial and weekly store allocations, and review season performance during and after the season  

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