Demand Planning

Machine Learning-based forecasting solution identifies true demand that generates more accurate forecasts, driving more accurate upstream and downstream processes that maximize profitability and supply chain efficiency.

Predictive Brand Planning

Boost your supply chain profitability using our unified demand forecasts.

Harness the power of machine learning and AI to improve forecasts that align with real-time customer demand while quickly adapting to the ever-changing customer shopping patterns.

Improve forecast accuracy by 15%
Reduce manual forecasting time by 100%
Increase sales by 8%

Increase demand planning accuracy for better business decisions.

Precise Unified Forecast

Machine learning-based demand planning solution delivers accurate forecasts by decomposing historical demand into various components including Sales, Lost Sales, Promotions, Seasonality, Trends and Price

Accurate Lost Sales Estimation

Advanced statistical models estimates demand not observed during periods with little or no inventory, providing a more complete picture of true consumer demand

Effective Early Life Demand Forecasting

Adaptive early life forecasting logic blended with quick read and react adjustment enhances new product introduction or new location openings

Accurate Promotion Forecasting

Advanced machine learning algorithms predict uplifts in demand, unique to each product and location, for a variety of promotion types including temporary price reduction, buy one get one, buy X get Y off, gift with purchase, and much more

Effective Trend and Seasonality Management

Accurately model seasonal demand patterns and annual trends; automatically adjust for holiday demand shifts

Capture Demand Transference

Incorporate effects of substitutions and cannibalization for better demand planning

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Automate demand forecasting

Automate routine demand planning across all echelons and product hierarchy for greater accuracy and better efficiency to free up demand planners to focus on strategic improvements

Address forecast uncertainty

Address your biggest demand forecasting challenges from new product introduction, price fluctuations to promotions, seasons, trend, cannibalization, substitution and slow movers

Create cross-functional alignment

Synchronize business planning processes across merchandise and supply chain operations with an all-in-one unified forecast

Maximize inventory profitability

Optimize inventory investment decisions that maximize profit and service levels while minimizing excess and obsolete inventory

Drive better omni-channel fulfillment

Anticipate online orders, in-store purchases, and intra-store transfers and drive fulfillment to enhance the customer experience

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