About 4R

Human intelligence and AI in Parallel

4R was founded by supply chain experts and academics from The Wharton School and Harvard Business School. Today, we operate where human intelligence, machine-learning, and sophisticated algorithms work in parallel to drive measurable results and proven ROI, down to the individual SKU/Location. 

Why 4R

The 4R Approach: A Scientific Advantage

  • Draw upon ‘optimization theory’ for the 4R solutions
  • Drive end-to-end supply chain processes, from the initial buy to exit strategy with advanced analytics
  • Offer simulation capabilities – what-if, alternatives through superior modeling
  • Focus on continuous improvement, flexibility and scalability to cater to and enhance any business

Proven Business Results:
A Holistic View of the Supply Chain

  • Increase productivity and redirect focus on high-value activities
  • Measurable, proven ROI down to the individual SKU/Location 
  • Revenue increase in the range of 1% – 5% 
  • Minimal IT resources are required once solutions are deployed 
  • Low cost of ownership 

The 4R Customer Success Team: Highly Consultative Engagement

  • Collaborate in strategic planning to help customers achieve specific goals 
  • Facilitate adoption and utilization of the right tools for their business goals 
  • Research the “WHY” and provide recommendations at a very granular level 
  • Provide ongoing coaching and education for continuous improvement

The 4R Team

Mark Garland

President and CEO

Kristen Honick

VP of Finance & Administration

Nina Chiavaroli

Director, Customer Success

Jeff Glawatz

Director, Sales

Board of Directors

Marshall Fisher ‡ *

UPS Professor, Operations and Information Management Dept., The Wharton School

Herb Kleinberger

Principal, ARC Business Advisors LLC

Mark Garland

President and CEO

Renny Smith *

Managing Partner, Staley Capital

Ananth Raman

UPS Foundation Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

 ‡  Chairman of the Board
*  Executive Committee Member

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