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Just a few of the client success stories – brands that have gained efficiencies in inventory management and maximized profitability.
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Retooled Inventory Strategy Leads to Profits

Aubuchon Hardware is that rare breed of mid-size retailer that is growing and thriving despite massive disruption and rapid consolidation transforming the industry. In a little more than a year, this 105-location hardware store retailer identified and “burned off” $5 million in excess inventory, realized $2 million in “missed” sales, and improved net profits by 50%, all in little more than a year.

Improved Inventory Positioning = Improved Customer Experience

Sur La Table, the privately held retailer, renowned for its refined selection of kitchenware products, accessories, and culinary expertise, knew it had enormous opportunity to streamline inventory processes and derive benefits, but it had no idea to what extent. Choosing and successfully moving to a new inventory management system resulted in uncovering opportunities for continuous improvement and bottom-line gains.

Optimized Inventory Planning to Refocus Resources to Improve the Supply Chain

The Vitamin Shoppe had a successful store model and had been scaling it effectively. Precisely managing its inventory remained a challenge until implementing 4R. The 4R solution provided The Vitamin Shoppe with an unprecedented level of connection between inventory management decisions and their impact on the business.

Managing and Allocating Seasonal Inventory as an Asset

Crate & Barrel improved store-level accuracy for seasonal items, managed each item’s lifecycle to reduce the risk of excess stock, while significantly improving the bottom line.

Maximizing Sales, Profit and Customer Service

As a convenience store chain business grows with additional convenient store locations, they needed to implement a solution that would allow them to scale and manage their inventory profitably.

Managing and Allocating Seasonal Inventory as an Asset

A luxury retailer achieves optimal inventory levels and assortments of inventory across its stores globally. As a result, they saw its revenue increase by millions annually and the customer experience enhanced, if not maximized.

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