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Reduce Inventory Costs
Ten Tips to Reduce Your Inventory Carrying Costs
Our team of inventory management and planning experts have these recommendations for reducing inventory costs. Carrying costs are among the...
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4R Blog Retail Company Financial Metrics
Optimizing Your Supply Chain and Inventory Opportunities
Financial Metrics Retailers Need to Monitor and Get Right Supply chain and inventory management is an ongoing process where retailers...
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4R Feature Images (Hardware Retailing)
Hardware Retailing Article
Supply Chain and Inventory Management: A Growing But Addressable Problem Hardware Retailing invited the inventory management experts to provide its...
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4R HW Aubuchon Story
Continued Success for a Hardware Client
Aubuchon continues to improve KPIs and achieve business results with 4R One Predictive Engine to better manage inventory and purchasing...
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4R HW Infographic Feature Pic
What Hardware Clients can Expect
Independent hardware retailers that partner with 4R improve KPIs If you are a independent hardware retailer and struggling to operate...
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Insights from Orgill Spring Dealer Market 2024
Orgill, Inc., the world’s largest independently owned hardlines distributor with sales of $3B+, held its annual Dealer Market in Orlando...
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Supercharge Your ERP System
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have become the backbone of business operations, integrating various functions from supply chain management to...
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Now, That’s a Well-Oiled Machine
Run Your Inventory Management Capability Effectively with a Well-Oiled Predictive Demand Engine There’s a reason why people say, “It’s a...
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A Better Way to Manage Perishable Inventory
Accurate forecasts will also support store associates during the fresh food preparation process According to NACS research, food service sales...
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Tapping Into Tech to Manage Inventory and Purchasing-2
Tapping Into Tech to Manage Inventory and Purchasing
NHPA Independents Conference Panel Discussion Transcript Nina Chiavaroli, Vice President of Customer Success at 4R and Jared Brown, Director of...
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4Steps to improving CX and CLV
4 Steps to Improving Customer Experience and Customer Lifetime Value 
How Accurate Demand Forecasting Drives CX and CLV Customer churn rate is a metric that measures the percentage of customers...
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RICE 2023 Recap 
Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RICE), is the industry’s annual go-to event that brings together retail leaders, innovators, and experts....
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