Nina Chiavaroli Receives 2023 APPEALIE SaaS Customer Success Leader Award

Nina Chiavaroli, VP of Customer Success at 4R, was one of this year’s recipients of the APPEALIE Customer Success Leader Award.  Based on criteria ranging from achievement of goals and targets, to team admiration, to talent development and retention, Chiavaroli was one of only eight recipients of this year’s award. Winners are selected by a panel of experts from market-leading SaaS platforms.

Commenting on the award, Chiavaroli said, “I am thrilled and deeply honored to have received this award! I am thankful for the incredible journey of collaborating with outstanding clients and grateful to lead a phenomenal team that consistently rises to the occasion, navigating the dynamic landscape of our clients’ growth and challenges. This achievement is a testament to the collective dedication and expertise that fuels our success.”