4R and Aubuchon Companies to Present at NHPA Independents Conference 2023

4R, the pioneer in AI-powered demand forecasting for inventory planning and supply chain management is pleased to announce a joint presentation with Aubuchon Hardware at the National Hardware and Paint Association’s (NHPA) Independents Conference.


The NHPA Independents Conference brings together independent retailers in the hardware and home improvement industry. The conference covers the state of the industry, predictions for what’s ahead, and opportunities for retailers to grow. One of these opportunities is the use of technology to optimize inventory. This opportunity will be presented by 4R and Aubuchon in the session, “Tapping into Tech to Manage Inventory and Purchasing.”

The presentation will showcase how a hardware company leverages innovative technology and AI to improve inventory management, develop purchasing strategies and mitigate losses across all store locations. 4R and Aubuchon Hardware will share leading practices in demand forecasting and inventory planning, specifically for the hardware industry. The technology solution provided by 4R is one tool regional hardware companies can use to compete against the national big box stores.

The session will be presented by Nina Chiavaroli, Vice President of Customer Success at 4R, and Jared Brown, Director of Business Intelligence for Aubuchon Hardware. Jared Brown says, “Aubuchon has been on an inventory management journey with 4R for many years, including the COVID-19 years. We want to share the things we’ve learned and implemented to help keep shelves stocked with the right amount of inventory at the right time and improve profitability.” 

Nina Chiavaroli says, “Hardware companies deal with a wide variety of inventory, including seasonal and slow-moving items. Some may be dealing with excess or obsolete inventory. We want to share how Aubuchon uses data and analytics in their inventory planning processes to improve sales, mitigate risks, and empower employees. We also wanted to discuss how the use of data removes emotional decision-making to optimize inventory levels at all locations.”

The industry is moving quickly and still faces many challenges like supply chain delays and rising customer expectations. 4R and Aubuchon are proud to share our story and solution to help hardware retailers find a path towards short-term gains and long-term growth. 

Tapping into Tech to Manage Inventory and Purchasing” is scheduled for August 3, 2023, at 2:15pm in the Lone Star Room at the Dallas Sheraton.

About 4R 

The 4R suite of solutions and services helps businesses manage inventory as an investment. We focus on the high-value processes for optimizing supply chain and inventory management, in these core functions: Demand Planning, Replenishment, Assortment, Allocation, Markdown, and Vendor Orders. Our Profit Optimized solutions take full advantage of advanced analytics, which leverage these improved predictions and promise to deliver a profit optimal improvement across supply chain and merchandising decisions. [Learn more: https://4rsystems.com/]

About Aubuchon Hardware

Aubuchon Hardware is headquartered in Westminster, MA. The privately held company owns and operates more than 100 hardware stores throughout the Northeast in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. [Visit: https://www.hardwarestore.com/]