Key Moments and Takeaways from the Orgill 2022 Spring Dealer Market

The 4R team participated in the 175th anniversary Orgill 2022 Spring Dealer Market in Orlando. After 2 years off, everyone was happy to be together in person again.

Like two years before, the Orgill Tech Symposium was informative and inspirational. The conference featured presentations from hardware and home improvement industry experts and technology innovators.

Dan Tratensek, COO at NHPA spoke on changing the pervasive attitude of the old way of thinking. He stated that the industry’s focus is no longer about “just surviving”. The industry attitude needed to shift from surviving to winning.

Will Aubuchon, of Aubuchon Hardware, presented “Investing in the Frontline” at the Symposium. His presentation referenced how they are “sharpening the ax” to be more productive. Highlighting their innovative way of thinking, he shared some new technologies that Aubuchon has embraced TO WIN.

  • Theatro mobile devices and a new generation of handhelds to offer excellent customer interaction and service
  • EDI and receiving technologies to automate, increase accuracy and save time receiving inventory
  • POS and cash register solutions to significantly reduce checkout time
  • Inventory management software to replenish every day and seasonal items at every store location, at the right time
  • Deployment and ordering technologies to remove that handwringing and time-consuming process of manual order processing

Grant Morrow, an Orgill Director, closed with an inspirational message. He emphasized that the Dealer Market is your time to network with peers and vendors to break that pervasive attitude of surviving and to share gains and insights on what others are doing TO WIN!

We want to thank Will Aubuchon for the mention during his presentation– how Aubuchon Hardware is “sharpening the ax” and embracing technology to automate their base and seasonal order and inventory deployment processing with the 4R services and solutions [watch the presentation]. To learn more about the 4R offerings for Hardware and Home Improvement retailers, click here. Let us be part of your attitude shift from “just surviving” to winning.