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4R Systems uses science and technology to help retail chains maximise profit from their omnichannel inventory investment. The Right product, Right place, and Right time drives the Right profit. That’s POI: Profit Optimised Inventory.

We efficiently manage £38 billion in retailers’ omnichannel revenue, resulting in higher sales levels on lowered inventory.

At 4R Systems, we look at retail inventory management differently. Replenishment, seasonal allocation, assortment and buying decisions are all designed to achieve maximised profits. This results in better inventory utilization and increased availability.

Our solutions take full advantage of advanced analytics, statistical and machine learning techniques developed from profit optimisation algorithms. We leverage these improved predictions and promise to deliver a profit optimal improvement across your supply chain and merchandising decisions.

Traditional approaches to omni retail inventory management rely on substantial input from the user to control the process. A guiding principle of our approach, on the other hand, is to reduce or eliminate the need for any judgment input, and provide answers that maximise profitability and improve resource utilization. The result is greater profits with less work.

Your EMEA Contact

Mark Garland, President & CEO

Mark Garland joined 4R Systems in 2012 and brings over 18 years of experience in the supply chain industry. His career has focused on supply chain technologies, particularly within the Retail industry. He has joined 4R Systems to drive strategic sales, client delivery and marketing / industry analyst liaison within the marketplace. Prior to joining 4R Systems, he was a Principal Consultant with Capgemini US within the North America Supply Chain Technologies practice. He was recently responsible for a large scale supply chain transformation effort at a Fortune 50 company.

Mark Garland, President & CEO
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