Busy Beaver Selects 4R for Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, Replenishment Solutions and Planning Services

Busy Beaver, a hardware retailer and home improvement center chain, taps 4R for Intelligent Inventory Optimization and Planning-as-a-Service to reduce excess inventory, optimize sales and improve the customer experience.

BERWYN, Pa., Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — 4R will provide Busy Beaver with its One Predictive Engine for more accurate demand forecasting that drives key processes, like store and DC (distribution center) replenishment, and the allocation of seasonal products. With 4R’s Planning-as-a-Service, expert supply chain and inventory planners will work directly with the Busy Beaver team to ensure that their 25 stores and logistics center will always have the right level of inventory.

The Busy Beaver team believes a new approach from the current replenishment system will not only improve inventory turns but will also increase sales by having the right products available at the right time. They are looking to improve their overall inventory mix to better align with actual customer demand at the individual store level without the need to hire more analysts and planners.

Adam Gunnett, Director of IT & Business Intelligence of Busy Beaver, says, “Our Mission Statement states we are to be the best neighborhood home center in each of our markets by offering a well-assorted and in-stock inventory. Yet, as we expanded and observed shifts in the market, it became apparent that a more technology-driven solution was needed to keep these promises. By implementing the 4R solution and partnering with their expert team of seasoned planners, we are primed to deliver an optimal product assortment at an incredible value and provide shoppers with a memorable experience.”

With the help of 4R and the One Predictive Engine, Busy Beaver will improve their replenishment and allocation processes. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will create supply chain efficiencies, improve product availability, and increase customer satisfaction while reducing their overall costs. Planning-as-a-Service will give Busy Beaver the fully vetted supply chain and inventory management analysts and planners they need without the costs associated with adding headcount.

Mark Garland, CEO of 4R adds, “We’re excited to partner with Busy Beaver. Our intelligent inventory optimization solutions and planning services will contribute by providing a customer-centric in-store experience at each Busy Beaver neighborhood store.”